Semi Truck Rental Options

Semi Truck Rental Options

At Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage, we've been in the transportation business for over fifty years. We've helped generations of Utahns move from home to home. Over that time, we've picked up a thing or two about how to make the process work smoothly. These are some of our best tips to make your truck rental go smoothly.

Research will make the move easier.

Renting a truck that you can drive yourself is a great, cost-effective way to move. However, make sure that the trucks you can drive are suitable for your needs. Different sized trucks can require different types of drivers license. If you're making a large move, make sure the size of truck you need is a size you can drive.

Your comfort level with the truck is another important thing to consider. If you're not used to driving a truck, do a little research to find out tips and tricks for maneuvering a larger vehicle. Remember, confidence is key on the road. Make sure the truck you rent is the right size for your move, and that you're comfortable driving it.

Communication is the key.

As with most things in life, good communication can make your move go more easily. Some trucks come with moving dollies and ramps. If you require this kind of equipment, inquire as to whether it's included with the rental. Other good things to ask about include boxes, blankets, and other materials that may be required for the move.

On the day that you pick up the truck, ask to take a look at it before driving off the lot. You want to make sure it's clean, that nothing has been left behind, and that all the tires are properly filled. Similarly, before returning the truck, do another check of the truck.

If you're looking for moving truck rental in the Salt Lake City area, give us a call today. We've got decades of experience in the game. And we'd love to help with your project.

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