Your Cost-Effective Storage Solution in Salt Lake City

Your Cost-Effective Storage Solution in Salt Lake City

Think about all the time and energy you would have to spend packing your cargo, transporting it to a remote storage unit and unpacking it all. From purchasing moving supplies to the numerous trips back and forth to the loading and unloading, you probably get exhausted just thinking about it.

Luckily, you can avoid all of the hassle and put your funds toward a much more convenient solution that will require much less sweat equity. When your business runs out of space for inventory or when your home is undergoing a renovation, you need a place to put valuable items, a portable storage trailer is the answer.

You can use the storage units placed on your property for either temporary or permanent storage.

You have complete control over the unit, so whenever you need access, simply unlock the padlock. You don’t have to wait for a storage complex to open for business — your items are stored safely, and they’re close by.

Other Things That Sets Us Apart

  • Large inventory to fill the requirements of any job, whether commercial or residential
  • Competitive pricing and customer service that is unmatched in Utah
  • Trailers lengths from 27 foot up to 53 foot
  • Ability to move your belongings or equipment even if you have odd shapes or large sizes
  • Equipment inspected regularly to ensure your cargo receives the best transport
  • Easy storage options
  • Plenty of storage space at our secure facility
  • Or On site storage options for your home, construction site or business

We are happy to help you figure out which of our storage options will work best for your needs, our costs are upfront and honest and once we have a plan we can schedule a drop-off and pick-up time around your schedule. Contact us today!

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