Why Choose a Portable Storage Unit?

Why Choose a Portable Storage Unit?

Most people are familiar with self-storage, but not everyone knows about the benefits of portable storage trailers. Portable storage units are one of the most popular services Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage offers.

Although the convenience of these units may not immediately be clear, they're very useful for both residential and business properties. Some of the most common uses for these storage trailers are seasonal, construction, and ease of moving.

Seasonal Storage

Some clients need more storage only during a particular time of year. For example, a botanical garden or nursery may need to store more tools and sprinkler parts during the growing season. The same is true for some clients during the winter months. Rock salt or other snow and ice melt products, shovels and snow throwers need to be stored somewhere, if only for a short time. A padlocked trailer can be delivered right to the area of the property where it's most needed. It can be packed with the needed supplies, and then picked up at the end of the season when it's no longer needed.

Construction Storage

When a construction project is underway, there are a lot of tools and building materials that have to be accounted for. No one wants things to walk away between work shifts. A storage trailer is a great way to keep valuable supplies secure. Another issue is safety. Some tools should only be operated by trained professionals, while using proper protective equipment like glove goggles. Keeping tools secure means no one can get into them and get hurt. This is especially true if there are children on the property.

Moving Made Easy

A do-it-yourself move can be a real headache. Letting professionals pack everything into one trailer and just drop it where you need it can save a lot of hassle. Packing a station wagon or minivan for multiple trips, or driving a U-Haul can be so complicated. Let Gordon Jensen do the storage & trucking for you. Unpack at your own rate and then call when it's time to pick the trailer up.

If you're getting ready to start a project or make a big move, give us a call today. Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage has over 50 years of experience in the industry. We'd love it if you became our newest satisfied customer.

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