Preparing to Pack

Preparing to Pack

Moving can be a real jolt to the system. It's a lot of work, even when you have help from a local family owned trucking company. Use these packing tips to make your move to, or from, Salt Lake City go more easily.

Lighten the Load

The first and most important step of packing is lightening the load where you can. Use up all your perishables where you can. Use up stored food. Stop buying bulk goods, for example toilet tissue and paper towels. Use up your cleaning supplies, hair and skin products.

Consider getting rid of things you no longer use. If you have items you haven't worn in over a year, or sporting equipment you no longer use, consider jettisoning it. Throwing out items you don't use doesn't mean you're wasting them. You can schedule donation pickups easily with organizations like Goodwill. Call to schedule about two weeks in advance.

Make Lists

There are a lot of logistics issues with any move. This includes packing. Make lists of essentials that you can't go a day without using. Figure out what overnight bag or suitcase you'll use for these. Then make other lists. How much stuff do you have? How many boxes do you estimate you will need? Rolls of tape? Other supplies? Keep a list and check them off as you get them.

Measuring and Counting

Measure your furniture and count the number of boxes you're using. What size truck or portable storage unit will you realistically need? Again, plan to call two weeks in advance so that you can get the item you need on the days you need it.

Pack Smart

Pack your boxes strategically. For example, you can insulate dishes with dish towels instead of buying packing peanuts or paper. Part of packing smart is also labeling carefully. Figure out a system that makes sense to you. Color-coding works for some. Writing something like, "Kitchen, box 2 of 3" works for others. It's all about what works for you. Finally, pack the vehicles you're moving with care. Don't leave big items unsecured so they can shift and become damaged.

If you're making a move in the Salt Lake City area, contact Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage today. We have 50+ years of experience with local moving truck rental. We can help keep your big moving day low on stress.

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