Why Use Self Storage?

Why Use Self Storage?

Since its development in Texas during the late 20th Century, self storage has become an increasingly important industry in America. Over 150,000 people are employed by self storage businesses. These companies contribute over 20 billion dollars to the American economy annually. At Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage, we're proud to be a part of an industry that makes people's lives more frictionless.

Storage has become a must for many American families

Shifts in our culture over the past several decades have led to changes in the way people live and work. People change jobs more frequently than their parents and grandparents did. They move more frequently, too. With over 50 years of experience, we at Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage have seen this up close and responded accordingly.

At Gordon Jensen, we offer both warehouse storage and portable storage units. Warehouse storage can be great for people who are between permanent homes. For example, someone renting a furnished space while transitioning to a new city would benefit from a warehouse unit. Portable storage can be a great choice for people who are renovating a property. Portable units can stay on the property of the owner or be hauled to another location.

For businesses, too, storage has become increasingly important

Businesses in the retail space can have seasonal storage needs. During renovations, expansions and other construction projects, storage can also be a lifesaver. Finally, small storage trailers can be useful for storing supplies long-term. Supplies like signs, sand, salt and more can be stored in permanent trailers on a property.

At Gordon Jensen, we understand the storage needs of individuals and businesses. We always put ourselves in the client's shoes. Our billing operates on a true monthly cycle, instead of a 28-day cycle like many other companies. This means you can save when you work with our company. Reach out for more information about Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage today.

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