Commercial Trucking Then and Now

Commercial Trucking Then and Now

Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage has been providing commercial trucking in Salt Lake City for generations. Commercial trucking is one of the unsung heroes of America's economy. It's no coincidence that the arrival of the freeways coincided with an economic explosion. At one point in time, most of America's freight was moved by trains. That was clunky and inefficient compared to the system we have today.

Consider the hassle of getting something from a railway to local road.

Consider the added expense created by moving the load from one form of transport to another. Since the mid-20th century, those obstacles have been obliterated. Utah is no different. Today, we truck goods from one corner of the state to another. We pass through Salt Lake City and rural hamlets. We even bring goods to and from neighboring states.

With over 50 years of experience, Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage has been there for it all. We've been right there, in the thick of it, as the trucking industry has evolved. We have a reputation for doing good work for a reason. We take care with our clients' freight. We treat the goods as if they were are own.

Over the years, we've seen big changes and adapted with them.

But we've also seen that customer service really works. We've hewed close to our values, and always treat our customers like family. Our billing system uses actual months, not 28-day periods. This helps our clients save big. It's part of why they stay with us for the long haul.

Salt Lake City is our home, and we know it inside out. If your company has a Salt Lake City commercial trucking need, reach out to us today. We'd love to help you get moving.

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