Commercial Trucking With Gordon Jensen

Commercial Trucking With Gordon Jensen

At Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage, we're proud of our role in the SLC community. We've been here for decades. Generations of Salt Lake City families know us for our moving and storage solutions. While we value our relationships with our residential customers, we also have over fifty years of experience in the commercial side of the business.

Commercial trucking is one of the most necessary, if unglamorous, businesses in North America. Since the advent of the interstate highways, trucks have been the preferred method of transport for many goods and services. Railways will always have their role. But trucks are able to go to every nook and cranny across America in ways that trains no longer can.

Finding Meaning in Movement

At Gordon Jensen, we've embraced that mission. We love the idea of bringing goods and services to far flung corners of Utah. We serve many Salt Lake City area companies who need commercial transportation services. We move goods throughout all of Utah, and into adjacent states.

Our fleet includes both commercial flatbed and commercial semi trucks. Our operators are all qualified professionals. We're a family-owned business. We value relationships and always treat our clients, and workers, the way we'd like to be treated. Over the years, we've realized that this commitment to treating people right improves efficiency and just gets better results overall.

Delivering Results

We enjoy helping local businesses make their dreams come true. Whether you're shipping to buyers, or returning out of season items to a central distribution center, we can help. Goods that we've hauled over the years include agricultural materials, manufactured goods and refrigerated materials. Call today and tell us about your business needs. We'd love to help you find solutions for all of your commercial trucking needs. Our billing also operates on a full monthly basis, not a 28-day cycle. We're confident we can give you a great deal.

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