Temporary Commercial Storage with Gordon Jensen

Temporary Commercial Storage with Gordon Jensen

At Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage, we pride ourselves on providing the best in storage solutions for Salt Lake City. One service that not many people know about is our short term commercial storage.

Moving with the trends

The business world is all about cycles. Something is in one season, and out the next. This can be true both literally and figuratively. For example, we provide short-term storage solutions for businesses that are undergoing construction. As a business expands, sometimes temporary storage is necessary. Storing their items with Gordon Jensen provides our clients with peace of mind. They know that they won't be inadvertently damaged during construction.

Temporary commercial storage is also a great solution for businesses that change with the seasons. For example, sidewalk tables for outdoor cafes and restaurants need a place to go once it cools off. We're happy to provide on-site storage, or portable trailers, for these clients.

Using space efficiently

As Salt Lake City grows, there's more demand for real estate than ever before. Now, more than ever before, businesses are prioritizing the ways they use their space. Companies are asking themselves difficult questions. Is that empty office best used for storage, or could it be rented out to another entrepreneur? Should we expand the showroom, and store more goods off-site?

These questions can be uncomfortable in the short term. Many people resist change. However, with our long track record and fair billing practices, we're able to provide our clients with real peace of mind. Commercial enterprises that use our temporary storage service include retailers, furniture companies and many other businesses.

Whether you have a remodel coming up, or you need a place to put seasonal goods, we can help. Call Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage today. Over the past fifty years, we've seen it all. We're confident we can help you find a great business solution, too.

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