Moving To or From Utah? We Can Help

Moving To or From Utah? We Can Help

At Gordon Jensen, we've been in the trucking and storage business for decades. We love helping people get things done. That includes moving. Whether you're moving homes, or changing business locations, we can help.

We cover lots of ground

We offer a range of services to help people plan and execute moves, including moving van and moving truck rental. We also have a team of movers who pick up. We offer on-site storage, with portable trailers that can be moved to locations around Utah. We also offer traditional secure storage lockers.

Moving is always a chore, no matter how long or short the distance. We're an experienced, locally-owned transportation company. We have the knowledge and experience to make moving as painless as possible. We're proud to help people move, whether they're expanding a business, downsizing a home, or leveling up into a much longed-for dream house. Although we're based in Salt Lake City, we cover the whole state of Utah. In some cases, we even work in adjacent states. Wherever you're heading, chances are we can help.

We have ways to make moving day go smoothly.

We have plenty of tips to make moving day a positive experience. Here are some things we suggest everyone does, no matter what they're moving or where they're going.

  • Make a Floor Plan: Draw a plan of where you'd like to place things in your new space. This makes it easier to move in. It will help you direct the movers or family and friends who are helping you.
  • Stay Organized: There are plenty of ways to get and stay organized. Find a system that works for you, whether that's color-coding, labeling boxes in bold letters, list-making or some combination of all three.
  • Check the Vehicle: If you're renting a moving truck, check the tires, interior and that there's a dolly inside before driving off our lot.
  • Keep Valuables Separate: At Gordon Jensen, we love to help people move. However, it's better if you keep small valuables like laptops and jewelry in your personal vehicle with you. That way, it won't be accidentally left behind in one of our vehicles.

We'd love to help with your move. We offer vans trucks of every size. Give us a call about your project today.

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