Secure Storage and Peace of Mind

Secure Storage and Peace of Mind

Storage is a field that's grown incredibly over the past 20-30 years. At Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage, we've been in the business for decades. We've witnessed it happening. And we know that one of the biggest reasons people love our storage services is peace of mind.

Storage makes life easier.

Over the past few decades, American life has changed a great deal. It used to be that people moved maybe once or twice. It was common to relocate for school, and maybe again after college or retirement. However, today people don't stay put. It's common for people to change jobs and cities every two or three years, and often that means moving, too. With this much coming and going, people are more interested than ever in secure storage. They want to know their belongings are safe, even when they can't be there with them.

The storage business isn't limited to lockers in a self-storage anymore, either. Today, storage means options. At Gordon Jensen, we offer movable storage in the form of containers that can be dropped off at one location, then shipped to another. This eliminates the hassle of unloading at a facility, only to reload and move things again shortly afterwards. Movable storage can take the form of small containers or full-sized ones. It all depends on the customer's needs.

Flexibility makes it easy for the client.

It's our goal at Gordon Jensen to provide the right solution for each and every client. To that end, we offer a variety of options when it comes to storage. We can drop off a container, then pick it up and store it here. Or we can deliver it to a second location. It all depends on the client's needs.

All our storage options are very secure. They can protect against damp, cold and precipitation. Our locker storage is secure yet easily accessed by customers. Our movable containers are lockable and access is controlled by the client. These are a great solution for residential customers who are building or renovating a home.

If you need storage in Salt Lake City, give us a call today. We've got the right solution for your project, no matter what the size.

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