The Ins & Outs of Mobile Storage

The Ins & Outs of Mobile Storage

At Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with effective solutions. With our decades of experience, we believe it's possible to find answers that fit anyone's needs. One area where we're able to help people out quite a bit is with mobile storage.

Offering Alternatives

Mobile storage is a great alternative to traditional self-storage. When most people think about storage, they have a locker system in mind. This means loading items into a car or truck, driving to our location and dropping them off in a locking storage unit. We still provide this service to our clients, of course. However, we also offer mobile storage.

Mobile or portable storage operates differently. With this option, the storage unit goes to the client. Our portable storage containers are available in a number of sizes. They're made of corrugated metal. They're dropped off by one of our flatbed trucks. Once a mobile storage container is dropped off, the client fills it with goods. Our portable storage system can stay on the property, or be hauled back to our facility.

A Great Solution for Many Clients

Portable storage can be a great solution for people who are renovating a home. Belongings can be moved into the storage unit while construction is ongoing. Mobile storage units are also a great fit for businesses. These can be a great solution for storing seasonal items like snow removal equipment, holiday decorations or patio type furniture.

Our commercial clients also love portable storage units for their construction projects. A big construction project will require that tools and supplies be stored at the site overnight. Portable storage lockers are a great way to restrict access to valuable equipment.

Our mobile storage is a great solution for clients of all kinds. We have residential and business clients who love this service. Contact us today for more information. Give us the details of your project, and we'll let you know what we can do to help.

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