Over 50 Years of Experience in Storage and Trailer Business

Over 50 Years of Experience in Storage and Trailer Business

When people think of storage, it seems like they usually envision self-storage for individuals. The truth about the storage industry is more complicated. At Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage, we've been providing storage services for years. Some of our biggest customers are our fellow members of the Salt Lake City business, commercial, and residential community.

Who needs storage, anyway?

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Take, for example, businesses in the financial and medical sectors. In some cases, these businesses need to store records for years and years. It's hard to accommodate all that paperwork in an office space. By using secure commercial storage, these businesses can achieve peace of mind while still maintaining the records they need. Businesses in the financial sector who require storage like this can include insurance companies, banks and credit unions.

Other businesses require storage, too. The construction industry is one of the classic examples of businesses that benefit from storage. In fact, Gordon Jensen's trailers are often used to provide on-site storage at construction sites. On-site construction storage is used to secure tools, documents and building materials. Storing these things at the site makes more sense than transporting them back and forth every day. Restricting access to these goods means that theft and misuse becomes less likely.

Solutions for when the show comes off the road.

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Conventions are another business that makes use of Gordon Jensen's storage services. Convention storage makes it possible for vendors to store their advertising materials, samples, give-aways, tables and tablecloths in between conventions. This type of storage is a must for salespeople in just about any field. The wonderful thing about storage is that it helps businesspeople to save. They save space at home and in the office. They are able to use spaces more efficiently than they otherwise would be.

If you have commercial goods that need to be stored, give us a call today. No matter how big your project, we can help. We've stored everything from documents to vehicles over the years. We'd love to tackle your project, too.

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