The Basics of Portable Storage

The Basics of Portable Storage

Portable storage can sound counterintuitive. For people who are downsizing, moving, or getting ready for a new season, the point of a storage unit would seem to be a secure, sturdy location. However, the truth is that portable storage provides just that kind of solution. The only difference is added convenience.

Portable storage comes to you, instead of the other way around.

Traditional self-storage requires packing your items and hauling them to a storage locker. This means a lot of added effort for the customer. By contrast, with portable storage, the storage unit comes to you. These units can be dropped off at a home, business or property under construction. They're easy to secure. They offer protection from the weather, and defense against theft. It's all the benefits of traditional self-storage, but with less hassle.

Portable storage can move with you.

For many customers, the point of portable storage is to secure belongings in advance of a move. These storage lockers fit perfectly on our flatbed trucks. We drop them off, and we're also happy to pick them up, and move them to the next location. That could be our lot, your dream home or new business home. Of course, these portable units can also be left in place for as long as needed. They're a great way to store tools on a construction site. Some school campuses use them to store seasonal gear, like ice-melt and shovels. They can be placed in a location where facilities and parking staff have easy access to them. Portable storage units can also be moved from one part of a property to another as needs change.

We offer storage solutions in a number of sizes and we offer monthly billing. This means our services are as flexible as you need them to be. To understand how our portable storage solutions can work for you, give us a call today.

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