Timeline for Moving With Family in Tow

Timeline for Moving With Family in Tow

Conducting a move with a family in tow is never as easy as it was when you were single and could just pop from one location to the next seemingly overnight. Therefore, it is essential that you create a timeline that helps everyone relax as much as possible.

Six Weeks Ahead of the Move

Take your family to the new location for a few days. Plan lots of fun activities for them to do so that they look forward to their new community. If possible, show the children where they will be going to school.

Four Weeks Ahead of the Move

Renting a storage container can aid greatly in helping your move go smoothly. Start boxing up items that you do not need on a daily basis. Place them in the container so that they will be ready on your big moving day. Furthermore, now is the time to hire a family trucking company to move your processions when the time finally arrives. If there are things that you cannot decide whether you want to move or not, then consider placing them in self-storage. This allows you to hire a trucking company to move them at a later date.

Two Weeks Ahead of Time

Aim for having most of your processions packed about two weeks ahead of time as this will allow you to spend the last few days saying goodbye to friends and family in your current location. If you have a pet, then arrange for their safe transportation and someone to pet sit them on moving day. Having your children help pack often makes them feel better knowing that their stuff is going to the new location. Make sure to transfer your medical records, vet records and school records to the new community.

One Week Ahead of Time

Contact your local movers who pick up to make final arrangements. If your new home is not quite ready, then make arrangements to put all of your stuff in a storage trailer or self-storage until it is ready.

While moving with a family can be stressful with the right preparation and the right movers, much of the stress can be eliminated. Contact us today about your upcoming move.

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