Tips For Moving Fragile Items

Tips For Moving Fragile Items

Moving is exhilarating. It's always exciting to go somewhere new. But it can be a lot of work, too. At Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage, we've been in the industry for over fifty years. You can trust us when we say we've seen everything! Here are our top tips for moving fragile items, to help make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Houseplants can often be difficult to move. Most moving companies don't have the right equipment to handle them. We put boxes in big trucks. Though we have blankets and straps to cushion and restrain items, plants are trickier. The best way to move plants is to place them in boxes and fit them snugly in a seat, or better yet, on the floor of a car.

Pets can require special care for a move.

Dogs and cats may need to be placed in carriers. Again, these are things that should be moved by the family, in a car. Dogs and cats may require rest stops. If it's a long drive, call ahead and make sure your hotel can accommodate your pets. For smaller, more fragile pets, like birds and fish, a good alternative can be giving them to local friends. Moves, especially long ones, can be difficult for small pets.

Of course, some small animals are very resilient. Rodents like guinea pigs can travel surprisingly well. They can be moved in their cages or in a large cardboard box with plenty of shavings. It's good to place them on the floor of the car or on a bench style seat.

Glassware and crystal can, of course, be handled by professional movers.

However, they should be packed with care. It's good to wrap these in paper and insulate with bubble wrap, dish towels, or other cushioning. Boxes should be packed securely, but not too tightly. The glasses need to be able to move and flex with vibrations.

For more expert advice on moving, contact us today. At Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage, we have been the transportation provider of choice in Salt Lake City for decades. We'd love to help you with your move, too.

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