The Holiday Season in Salt Lake City

The Holiday Season in Salt Lake City

The holidays are probably your biggest season for shipping things. That's true for us professionals, too. At Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage, we have over fifty years of experience in the shipping business. We are proud to help people move residences. However, many of our customers are on the business side.

The commercial transport of goods is booming this time of year.

We've just helped seasonal Halloween shops store their inventory and ship unsold goods back to warehouses. Now we're helping retailers gear up for holidays like Christmas and Chanukah. At Gordon Jensen Trucking and storage, we have trucks and trailers of all sizes. Whatever size load someone's shipping, we can accommodate it. We ship throughout the state of Utah, and to bordering states.

At Gordon Jensen, we take pride in partnering with businesses throughout Salt Lake City.

We love our city and its holiday spirit. The winter season is when Utah really shows its heart. This is the time of year when we head to the mountains to ski and snowboard. It's when we build snowmen, go sledding and maybe throw the odd snowball. And our city never looks better than when the holiday lights go up.

The Festival of Trees, the Lights at Hogle Zoo and the Nutcracker at the Capitol Theatre are some of SLC's most beloved holiday traditions. For expos, conventions and seasonal events like these, it's important that props and decorations be stored securely from year to year. It's also crucial that display items, lights and rigging to be transported and handled carefully. At Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage, those services are what we excel at.

If you and your business need a commercial storage and freight company, reach out today. We have decades of experience, and we value our relationships with our customers. Call today to find out about our rates and other specifics.

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