Mobile Storage for the Holidays

Mobile Storage for the Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of the year here in Utah. The ski slopes are covered with snow. We're all gearing up for some time off with our friends and family. Everyone's getting ready to eat well, and mix and mingle at parties. So who wants to think about storage and trucking, right?

Well, here at Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage, this is actually one of our busiest times of year.

We're some of Santa's biggest helpers, bringing gifts from all around the world that much closer to your tree. All that seasonal shopping you see? All those Expos at the convention center? Someone has to get it there. When the season's over, that all has to get trucked somewhere and stored until it's needed again.

That's where our mobile storage service comes in. With mobile storage, we pack everything into a container that fits right on the back of our trucks. Then we move it to wherever it needs to be. That might be our storage yard. In fact, for many customers, that's true. But we also haul to any location in Utah, and into our neighboring states. Once we've reached our destination, we deposit the container. This movable storage solves a lot of problems for our clients.

At Gordon Jensen, we've been active in the transport and storage industries for generations now.

We're one of Salt Lake City's favorite family businesses. In addition to mobile storage, we provide commercial trucking throughout the region. We help people in every industry get their goods where they need to go, whether that's in or out of Utah.

We provide transportation and storage solution for clients in all lines of business. Everyone from small seasonal shops to big convention companies uses our company. We even have a residential side to the mobile storage business, too. Whatever your needs are, we're confident we can meet them. Reach out and give us a call today.

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