Seasonal Storage for Schools and Businesses

Seasonal Storage for Schools and Businesses

This time of year, many businesses and schools are taking a much needed break. The holidays provide us all with a chance to catch up on DIY projects and to reconnect with the things that are really important to us. For businesses and schools, the winter break can be a great time to get lots of work done.

Winter is a busy season here in Utah

People have their skis, sleds and snowmobiles out. They love to take advantage of our legendary powder. For schools, moving snow can be a challenge. They need shovels, ice melt, and cones or signs to help safely direct traffic. Portable storage units are a great solution for facilities departments when it comes to these issues. They can be delivered to your site, stocked up, and remain there all season. When you no longer need this commercial storage solution, we'll pick it up and store it safely at our lot.

Businesses, too, often find they need extra storage for seasonal items

We all know that every year, the number of decorations tends to grow. Storage space is at a premium for any business, especially given the stringent records retention requirements in so many industries. If you need to free up some space, our business storage solutions are right there for you. Whether it's old documents or old holiday decorations, we can pick it up and haul it back to our facility.

At our storage facility, we always make it easy for customers to access their units

And the hallmark of our business is service. In a crowded marketplace, Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage has always been at the top. We have over 50 years of experience. We are able to retain clients because we know how to treat people. We offer you the same service we'd want for ourselves.

If you're looking for commercial storage solutions in Salt Lake City, Utah, give us a call today. We'd love to meet you and discuss your needs.

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