Storage for Businesses with Showrooms

Storage for Businesses with Showrooms

At Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage, we have over 50 years of experience providing storage services for both residential and business clients. We understand what businesses need when it comes to storage solutions. Many of our clients run businesses with showrooms. They have limited space and need a place to store items they aren't currently showcasing.

This is a serious concern for people who sell large, heavy items like furniture and some medical devices. At Gordon Jensen, we provide a safe, clean space where businesses and their sales teams can readily access samples. Qualified people can access, pick up and take samples with them to show to clients. It's also easy for managers to come view inventory and determine what changes need to be made to the showroom floor.

This service can be particularly valuable to people who sell commercial or institutional furniture.

Bulky items used solely in medical offices, schools and restaurants are difficult to store in-house. Displaying them can be challenging, as floor space can be extremely valuable for more mainstream products. Safe, secure and easily accessible storage is key for these types of items.

At Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage, we provide storage that's movable, too.

Facilities moving from one part of Utah to the other, or businesses that ship from a home office to satellite locations, are able to move one of our tractor trailers with our one-way transit. They can then keep it on site as long as needed. This makes moving much more convenient and helps relieve some of the time crunch.

We've been in business for such a long time because of the relationships we build with our clients. Our goal is always to provide the best service possible. Because of this, our storage clients come back again and again. Contact us today so we can help you with your business storage needs, too.

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