Getting Ready for Spring

Getting Ready for Spring

Winter has been long and hard. Here at Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage, we're very ready for spring to arrive. Spring means transporting garden goods and golf equipment for our business trucking clients. It means seeing winter goods go back into storage. Spring's also the traditional time for a deep cleaning. That's one area where we can be very helpful.

We offer a variety of options to meet any customer's needs.

At GJT&S, we've been in the storage game for years. If you're a residential client, we can drop off a container for you to fill. Then we'll pick it up, haul it away, and store it. We also offer more traditional self storage as an option. Customers drop off their belongings and leave them in a secure locker, where they can be accessed easily.

Our business clients are a big fan of our storage services, too. In today's world, space is at a premium. We've been in business as a family for over 50 years. That means we've seen Salt Lake City grow exponentially. Right now, we're averaging a population increase of 1.20% per year. That means thousands of people are coming in annually. Jobs and wages are growing even more. We're really blessed as a community.

As much as we love welcoming new people - we are a moving company, after all - that means there are some new pressures, too. Storage areas in schools and offices are more cramped than ever before. Some of those rooms need to be repurposed. We help these clients handle the growth by offering them secure storage.

Our storage services make a safety valve that helps to prevent growing pains.

Spring is all about new beginnings. We'd love to assist you in managing your seasonal item storage, or helping to de-clutter your home. Contact us today for all your residential and commercial storage needs.

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