Tips and Tricks for Moving

Tips and Tricks for Moving

Moving is always something of a challenge. Whether you are going from one part of Salt Lake City to another, or moving across the country, the logistics can be daunting. Moving requires a lot of planning and action. Here at Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage, we've been in the business of moving for over half a century. We've seen it all, and we think you should benefit from our decades of learning.

The right materials will make the job easier.

Choosing the right materials will make your move easier. Packing materials come in many shapes and sizes. Take boxes, for example. Not all boxes are created equal. In general, it's a good idea to use moving boxes for moving. Some boxes like paper cases can be good for small objects. But trying to scavenge already-used boxes from liquor and grocery stores is not always a great idea. Something made to hold six wine bottles or some bananas may not support the weight of the objects you need to move. In the case of boxes used for fruits and vegetables, there may be bugs or bits of fruit left behind.

Tape is another one. Packing tape should be chosen with care. For most boxes, you probably don't need heavy-duty industrial reinforced tape. But pay attention to quality. What they're selling down at the dollar store may not be sufficient. You need something that is thick and strong enough to keep things closed. Also, consider buying a tape dispenser. This will cut the tape cleanly and make it easy to find the end when closing box after box. These are all steps you can take to make a big project easier in the long run.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Reach out to us with details of your moving project. We'll let you know how to best pack and stage your materials for storage. Call us today to work out pricing and details.

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