Local Truck Rental With Gordon Jensen

Local Truck Rental With Gordon Jensen

At Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage, we know you've got a lot going on. We take pride in helping people handle projects of all sizes. Whether you need to rent a truck for commercial or personal use, we can help.

We offer truck rentals for many projects.

When people think of Gordon Jensen, they often think of moving van rental. And while we love renting trucks to people who are moving, that's not our whole customer base. We rent to all kinds of clients. Our rental trucks and vans have been used for all kinds of reasons.

Many of our clients for local truck rental are small business people. If you travel for work, we can help you. Artists rent our vehicles to transport their goods to flea markets and art shows. Professionals of all kinds rent our vans to bring their tables, samples and printed materials to conferences. The range for our truck rental is not only Utah. We also serve neighboring states.

What you need for truck rental.

The first thing you'll need is a valid drivers license, of course. It's also a good idea to check with your auto insurance provider to see if you're covered for truck rentals. But the most important thing about your rental is determining the size of rental you'll need.

What cargo are you going to be moving? How much does it weigh? How much space will it take up? We offer a range of truck sizes. Before you call to book, figure out how to quantify the items you need to move. Also, consider where you'll be dropping off. Will you have room to park? If you're delivering to an event like a festival or art show, it's a good idea to know their rules before committing to one of our larger trucks.

Give us a call today. We'd love to help you make your next moving project a big success.

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