Moving Day Tips

Moving Day Tips

Some of the most common phone calls we get are from local people who are looking for help moving. If you're in the market for local movers who pick up, we can do that. At Gordon Jensen, we have decades of experience helping people move in the Salt Lake City area. Here are some tips from our pros to help you make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Communication is the key.

In our experience, communication is the most important part of any moving day. It starts with your phone call. What services, exactly, will you need? If we're expecting to pick-up only, that means we're expecting your items to be packed already. If packing isn't complete, that can cause delays throughout the rest of the day.

Similarly, it's important to communicate with the people around you. Neighbors and building managers may want to know when moving trucks will be arriving. There may be a specific site where trucks are supposed to park, so as not to block entrances and exits. It's a good idea to get this all ironed out ahead of time.

What to keep with you.

As much as we pride ourselves on being great at our jobs, there are things you should never ask any mover to handle for you. For example, we'd prefer it if you keep your valuables and your prescription medications with you on moving day. This makes it easier for everyone. If there's something you may need right away, like an inhaler, it's important that it's with you in your car, and not in our moving truck.

In the same way, it's better if you keep expensive items like laptops and jewelry with you. We don't want anything to happen to them. It's better if they're with you, instead of lost in the shuffle with a lot of heavy furniture and other goods. At Gordon Jensen, we take pride in helping our friends in the Salt Lake City area on moving day. Give us a call today. We'd love to help put you in your next home.

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