Construction Equipment Storage With Gordon Jensen

Construction Equipment Storage With Gordon Jensen

Construction is an exciting business. It's exciting to build. And it's rewarding to help families, businesses and schools level up by completing new projects. Construction poses some problems of its own, however. In addition to all the other logistics at work, construction creates a need for storage solutions.

Secure equipment equals peace of mind.

Construction equipment and materials represent a huge investment. Specialized cutting and drilling equipment can be worth thousands of dollars. It's important that these tools be secured for the whole duration of a project. There's no way it's possible to take every blueprint, CAD drawing or cable spool home at the end of each day.

Storage keeps a worksite organized.

Storage trailers help keep a worksite organized and secure. These can be locked and unlocked by authorized people with ease. Access control, or limiting the number of people who can get to items, makes it harder for anything to walk away from the jobsite.

At Gordon Jensen, we have different sized trailers for different sized jobs. Construction storage is not a one size fits all game. Whether it's a quick remodel or you're building a new residence hall for a college, we can help. We have plenty of experience with jobs of all sizes. In addition to storage, our trailers can be great for other functions. They make great temporary offices. A full sized trailer has room for items like a desk, chair and even a small filing cabinet or safe.

At Gordon Jensen, we've been in this business for decades. We've helped countless people and organizations when construction is going on. Our trailers are all portable and can be moved around a site as required. Rental is a flexible, super simple process no matter how long you need the storage trailer. We bill on a true monthly basis, not every 28 days like so many others.

Contact us today. With details about your project, we can get you a quote and help you get going.

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