Affordable On-Site Storage in Salt Lake City

Affordable On-Site Storage In Salt Lake City

On-Site storage makes an excellent solution for many homes, businesses, and educational institutions. This type of storage allows people to keep their goods secure on their premises, rather than leaving them in a locker off-site. Here at Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage, we've got on-site storage options that work for a variety of needs.

All About On-Site Storage

All About On-Site Storage

On-site storage has helped to really change the game in the storage industry. Originally, when it came to storage, most people had visions of storage lockers in an old warehouse. That kind of self-storage can have downsides. Not all providers are open 24 hours. It's a chore to go to the unit and back home when items need to be moved. All in all, the market was ready for some changes.

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