Use Our Experience and Facility for Your Storage Needs

Use Our Experience and Facility for Your Storage Needs

Winter is here in Salt Lake City. There's a crispness in the air, and the trees are sleeping up all over the greater SLC area. That means skiing, snowmobiles, and bundling up for the cold. And for us, it means that our busy season is about to start. At Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage, we don't just move items. We also help people store their seasonal goods.

What is seasonal storage?

The image of storage hasn't changed in decades, but the industry itself has. These days, storage isn't just about the overflow from a garage. The storage landscape is full of options. As Salt Lake City grows and changes, space is at a premium. More organizations are using our short-term storage services than ever before.

At Gordon Jensen, we provide seasonal storage solutions for a variety of clients locally. We store seasonal furniture for businesses. This time of year, some of our clients are packing their cafe tables and umbrellas away. Soon, they'll be retrieving their Christmas trees, lights and other decorations. Whether they need extra space year-round or temporarily, we're able to help them out.

Bringing our service to you.

We also provide portable storage solutions. For example, we provide short-term locker rentals for schools, office parks and other organizations. Winter maintenance can require shovels, snow throwers, ice melt and more. Our portable, lockable storage containers are a great way to keep these items secure and easily reachable.

Whatever form of storage our clients use, the service gives them peace of mind. They're able to save space, while still keeping their items secure. If you need storage services in Salt Lake City, contact us today. We're confident that we can help, however big or small your project is. Best of all, we bill on a true monthly basis. Many of our competitors use a 28-day month. Our method ensures that our clients are getting service for a fair price.

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