How to Find a Commercial Truck Service

How to Find a Commercial Truck Service

Choosing a commercial truck service is an important decision for any business. You need to know that whatever you're shipping will be delivered on time, in full. You want a company that will treat your cargo as if it was their own, to minimize losses and breakage. However, you also have to keep an eye on your bottom line. You need someone whose pricing is competitive.

Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage ticks all of these boxes and more. Gordon Jensen is a family owned trucking company. Our employees are people we've known for years and trust and we're always thinking in the long-term. We've built our reputation by providing excellent service, in both the commercial and residential trucking worlds.

Our trucking and storage company has been serving Salt Lake City and the wider Utah community for decades

We take our client relationships seriously, and it shows. Our clients are loyal and stick with us year after year. There are several local businesses we help with prep for annual events and shipments. Communicating clearly with our clients is always job number one. Whether you need some cargo hauled across Utah, or you need us to pick something up and store for you, we can help. Best of all, our billing is real monthly billing. We don't charge you every 28 days. Because of this, our clients save about 15% compared to our competitors.

If you need a commercial trucking and storage service in Utah, contact Gordon Jensen today. We can move your goods, store your goods and offer you solutions like on-site storage in a trailer at your facility. We are a long-term business, but we are always learning to innovate and helping our clients find new and better solutions. We'd love to help you too.

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