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Long Distance Moving Solutions At Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage, we've been moving for years. We move freight, personal belongings and items for storage. One of our favorite things to do is to help people move. Many people in Salt Lake City know that we do excellent work locally. However, not many people know that we also offer long distance moving solutions.

Long distance moves can present unique challenges.

A long distance move can present big challenges. Of course, with any move, there are a lot of steps and parts to coordinate. Luckily, at Gordon Jensen, we have tons of experience with long distance moving and understand how to prevent some common difficulties. Our tips include timing a long-distance move appropriately. In some cases, it's a good idea to move on a weekday rather than on the weekend. Traffic may be lighter. There won't be morning and afternoon rush hour congestion to contend with. Of course, this will depend on the patterns within the communities you're leaving and moving to. For a long distance move, timing the move properly can save hours of time. No one needs the added stress of bad traffic during a move.

Staying organized makes moving easier.

It's important to stay organized, not only in terms of packing, but also in terms of setting up the new space. If it's possible, arrive at the new home early. Take measurements and set aside space for appliances and large items of furniture like couches. Consider drawing diagrams on graph paper. This will help to make the actual moving day go more smoothly. Making lists will also be very helpful. Mark boxes with their location, for example, kitchen. If something is fragile, mark the box with fragile tape. This will help to ensure that whoever is helping with the move will handle those boxes with care. Lists are also a huge help in coordinating move-in issues like having utilities hooked up.

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