The Basics of Seasonal Storage

The Basics of Seasonal Storage Fall is here and that means change. The air is getting cooler. Trees are starting to change color and drop their leaves. At Gordon Jensen Trucking and Storage, this is one of our busiest seasons. We're occupied with moving agricultural products and manufactured goods from one place to the next. And this time of year is one of the busiest for our storage business.

The basics of seasonal storage.

Fall is a transitional season. Autumn is when people and businesses pack up their outdoor furniture, fold up the sun umbrellas and start planning for cooler weather. They start to look around for winter items and prepare for colder weather and snow. Many of our clients pack away their seasonal summer items in one of our secure lockers. Others call looking for portable storage options. For portable storage, we drop a unit off on their property, and they either keep it there through the winter or call us to haul it back to our yard. Many people and organizations find this more convenient than traditional storage lockers.

Who would do that?

Our clients for seasonal storage include everyone from families and small business orders to large organizations like commercial real estate companies and schools. At Gordon Jensen, we provide a safe, economical way to store items like cafe tables, sporting equipment and more. Some of our larger clients order portable units to keep on the property. As winter approaches, they place these strategically so they can better access ice melt, barriers and other items for the parking lot and directing traffic. If your family or organization needs seasonal storage, we can deliver it. Contact us today to discuss sizes of storage units, features like climate control and pricing. At Gordon Jensen, we have decades of experience in the field.

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