Storage for Schools

Storage for Schools

Schools are very special places. They belong to the whole community. They're charged with caring for our young people when we're at work. Most importantly, they're charged with getting them ready to enter the workforce and the rest of the adult world. At Gordon Jensen Trucking & Storage, we're proud to provide storage services for several Salt Lake City area schools.

Schools need more space than ever before.

In the past decade, Utah has experienced rapid population growth. In just ten years, we've added 400,000 people to this great state. While we're always happy to welcome newcomers, all that growth comes with some challenges. Our schools have been particularly affected. Space is getting tight in many of Utah's elementary, middle and high schools.

That's where we come in. At Gordon Jensen, we provide a variety of commercial storage solutions that work for our local schools. We have trailers that can be used to store supplies during construction projects. We have lockers where schools can store seasonal items or records. We can also drop off a container and pick it up once a school has filled it with items that can be stored off-site.

We store many things for schools.

Items that schools store with us include theater props and costumes, seasonal sporting equipment, barriers used seasonally in parking areas, and furniture and decorations for special events. We're proud to provide this service for our schools. We also pride ourselves on our transparent billing practices. At Gordon Jensen, we bill on a true monthly schedule, not 28 days like many of our competitors. That can mean big savings for our clients.

If your school needs to free up some space, give us a call. We are Salt Lake City's local storage specialists. Gordon Jensen is a family owned local company, and we're proud to be a part of the fabric of the state of Utah and its institutions.

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