All About On-Site Storage

All About On-Site Storage

On-site storage has helped to really change the game in the storage industry. Originally, when it came to storage, most people had visions of storage lockers in an old warehouse. That kind of self-storage can have downsides. Not all providers are open 24 hours. It's a chore to go to the unit and back home when items need to be moved. All in all, the market was ready for some changes.

In the early 2000s, more people became aware of on-site storage. With on-site storage, the storage locker comes to you. On-site storage is a great option for people who are completing home construction projects. It's great for schools and businesses where space is tight. It's even a great option for a traditional move. The provider drops off the unit, the homeowners fill it with their belongings, and then it's picked up and delivered to the new home when the time comes.

On-site storage is something we're proud to provide.

Our customers love this service because it gives them improved access, control and peace of mind. On-site storage is a great option for busy families of people who work irregular hours. Not everyone can get to a storage facility when it's open. On-site storage options eliminate that worry.

Customers who love our on-site storage services include production companies, construction companies and schools. It is a great option for any organization that needs a secure, accessible, short-term storage. On-site storage lets people keep items like tools, filming equipment and seasonal items close by, but locked up. It's a solution that offers a great compromise between access and security.

At Gordon Jensen, we are proud to serve clients of all sizes.

Our on-site storage containers are available in a number of sizes. We're confident that whatever your project is, we're equipped to help you with it. Give us a call today, and we'll talk about your project. We've already helped generations of Utahns with their moving and storage needs. Why not you, too?

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